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I'm looking to hire video editors, graphic design contractors who specifically specialize in Adobe Premiere and/or After Effects Post Production, or Photoshop/Illustrator from any where in the USA and 1 full time assistant who must be located in WA state. More specifically a bad ass. A video editor who specializes in Adobe Premiere, is capable to use Photoshop, can handle sending professional emails, documents, proposals, and has an adequate automotive background. Bonus points if you know how to operate a camera, a sticker plotter, 5 speed manual, a wrench and have a basic understanding of Adobe video software. Must be able to meet deadlines and be able to adapt to learning new things quickly and doing tasks that you might think are challenging and new! Currently post production is what's in demand but may change over time. Availability is huge, I'm not going to hire someone who I feel plans to take what they've learned just to push their own agenda soon down the road. I want to know that you are as passionate as I am to grow the ZWING brand and are willing to try and experience new things to better yourself for the good of this company. There could be a lot of great potential and opportunity to come from this job, but it comes from hard work, dedication, reliability and fruition from the sustainability you help create with this company in fulfilling it's vision. I highly recommend attaching portfolio work that is easy to view within a couple minutes. Please send a link that takes me to see 1 video that you feel most proud of editing and links to any graphic design you've produced 


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